Again, I deeply apologize for the cluster f*** the schedule has been. Unfortunatley Francis fell behind on his artwork due to the harsh demands of his new job, and I haven’t heard from him in weeks. As sad as I am to see him go, I had to go looking for a new artist to continue the story. I wish Francis the best and I hope to get in contact with him again soon.

With that I’m happy to announce that the new artist for Iron Violet is L’Vaughn Mason! Check out his Deviantart page here!

While I’m catching L’Vaughn up to speed, I will begin posting the last 5 pages Francis made before his unfortunate departure. So Iron Violet will be back on schedule next week! Mark your calendars!

Until then, here’s some fun (if kinda risque) fanart of Violet from the talented Vivivoovoo! 😀

You can check out Vivi’s art here!