You know, it didn’t dawn on me until earlier today that I had made a superhero/horror comic that not only started on the first week of October, but would essentially take up all of October. Its funny how things work out when you don’t think about them too hard… XD

Much like the Phantom Cross oneshot from earlier this year, this is a filler comic that showcases another superhero romping around Yuri’s world. Titania was (very briefly) mentioned in Issue 1 of Iron Violet, and now we’ll get to see her in person facing….Whatever the hell that thing is on the cover. >>;

Speaking of the cover, this beautiful piece was done by the talented Jay Jenkins aka Da-Jenki. I thought it would be fun to have a guest artist do the cover. I’ll be drawing the actual comic though. It will be updating weekly Tues and Friday much like the main comic. It will be 10 pages so it will take up most of October.

Hope you all enjoy this spooky yet punch-tastic tale. 😉