And with that Spike Trap is down for the count!

Well, next week are the last two pages of issue 1. It’s been a wild ride so far. I think now would be a good time to announce something I’ve been preparing to announce for awhile.

I’m afraid to say after this issue IV’s artist Kayleigh Lebak will be leaving the book. There was no falling out or issues between us, Kayleigh just has some personal reasons outside of the book that has forced her to leave.

Kayleigh was an awesome person to work with, and she was very kind and professional, she let me know a month or so in advance that she would have to leave the book, and gave me plenty of time to find a new artist for issue 2.

Kayleigh,thank you so much for your friendship and for giving Iron Violet life. You will forever be in my heart… and on the website since you’re staying on as the Webmaster. XD

Next week I’ll officially announce who the new artist for Iron Violet is.