I am sorry for the inconvenience. the server that the site was hosted on went down last Friday and it has been an uphill battle and a lot of hoop-jumping to get GoDaddy to fix it. At the time of this post the site IS back up and running, but currently the main page is the ONLY part of it that’s working. ^^; I can’t give an estimate of how long it will take to get everything else working, but once the blog section becomes working again I will keep everyone updated about what’s working.

Another announcement is that due to this disaster I’ll be setting up a twitter account for Iron Violet to give updates and (God-forbid) something like this happens to the site again. Also in case this ever happens again I will now be posting the pages on my Deviantart page as well. I will set up a link to it soon once the site is properly running again.

Anyways onto the comic!

And so Dr. Zero and Zero-Girl move on to the mysterious phase 2…

A few notes for the curious readers out there no, the girl in the picture is not Evalyn/Zero-Girl. Also before you all get any funny ideas, yes Yuri does have her own bed. 😛 We just haven’t seen much of her side of the room save for panel 2 of Page 15 during Issue 1. XD We’ll be exploring more of their dorm as the series goes on.

Sorry again for the confusion and inconvenience guys.