And so, we finally begin Issue 4 of Iron Violet!

Issue 4: Reunion Part 1

Yuri has been feeling down lately, and Holly thinks a little girl time is what’s needed to perk her back up. However, during this little excursion, a childhood friend of Yuri’s from her time in California suddenly appears.  However, the young man is not the same boy she knew as a child, and carries with him an explosive amount of instability. Why has this old friend sought Yuri out? And what will happen to anyone who tries to stop him from getting to her?

Man, I’m amazed that I’m already at my first true “arc.” As I was writing this one I came to realize that there was just too much to contain into one issue, and none of it could be cut out. So I am pretty excited to begin my first arc!

Hope you guys are ready, but I should give a heads up, while this one will still maintain the same moments of cuteness and comedy the other issues have had, this is where Iron Violet’s plot starts to get a little darker than we’ve seen so far. Just fair warning. Nothing Garth Ennis level-dark, but it might be a little jarring at first.