And so the girls look at some new digs!

– – –

Sorry for the lack of shadows this time, I just ran out of time and had to rush this one out. I’ll replace it with the finished one later. It’s been a busy week and a half, graduated from college last weekened, and I had unexpected family members passing through who’ve been rooming with us, and a certain family member (who doesn’t take my webcomic work seriously) wanting to do all sorts of things with the whole family every day, and when I try to say I need to work on my art it devolves into a fight over how “I’m anti-social” and “I can’t function as a normal sociable human being and am too plugged in to my damn computer,” and completely ignores the sheer hours that goes into coloring a comic page alone and always treats me like the bad guy. >< Sorry for the ranting, I've tried to avoid this crap but I didn't want to lie about the latest reason my life is screwing with this project, now I can add "family who wants me to do everything and treats my work as an anti-social hobby" to the list. I will be glad when I get my apartment finally and some freaking peace and quiet... Until then I'll keep trying to get this series back on track.