And after many delays, Iron Violet is back on schedule, and this week we learn a bit more about Yuri and Walter…

For those who missed last week’s update, Francis has sadly had to leave his art duties on Iron Violet due to the demands of his job. I’ve found a new artist, who is currently picking up where Francis left off, until then we’ll be finishing off the remaining 5 pages Francis made before his departure, and the new artist will be starting on page 19 (check out last week’s update for more info). With the production speed going how it is we may be able to return to two updates a week soon! (more details coming soon).

Until then I have some things I’d like to discuss with you all concerning the Patreon page and upcoming changes.

You can read the blog post here

If you can take some time to read this, I’d be greatly appreciated.

Its good to be back!