Things are not looking good at the mall…>>

The first of the exclusive Patreon posters were sent out this week, so if you did not recieve a notification email from Patreon, be sure to log in and check your messages section for a link to the awesome first poster plus a sweet “bikini variant” that L’Vaughn was kind enough to make. You can check out a preview of the posters on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Want these sweet posters plus next month’s equally awesome exclusive poster? Then consider supporting the Iron Violet Patreon! We got an amazing $232 donation from an awesome fan! Sadly, it will only be a 1 time payment but it will still help me out greatly with paying L’Vaughn for Issue 5’s work. So currently beyond that very generous donation we’re still at $81. Remember, if we reach our $320 a month goal we can return to 2 pages a week instead of just 1 so help out if you can!

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