For all the crap people can give Yuri, she’ll always be there to protect them regardless. 🙂

So an update on the Iron Violet Patreon. This week’s $3 Patreon sketch has been sent out to my awesome Patrons, and if you’d like to get that and more, please consider donating to our artist fund! Please remember that I need some serious help keeping Iron Violet afloat and with regular updates. Good art isn’t cheap and I’m having some issues. And you’re not getting nothing out of it, if we reach at least $300 a month or more, we can switch to TUESDAY AND FRIDAY UPDATES EVERY WEEK (2 updates per week), and at the pace Erwin is churning these pages out we start that process IMMEDIATELY as soon as we hit $300, so please, PLEASE consider donating and helping us out. And huge thanks to our current Donators for being awesome!