And so we begin filler break with a bit of production art of the explosive boy introduced in Issue 3. Really loved how he came out design-wise, especially in his energy form. We’ll be seeing more of him next issue. 😉

Then this Friday will begin the official filler comic for this break, Tales of C.A.P.E., With a very special guest artist cover drawn for it! (The actual comic will be drawn by me.) This short comic will cover the entirety of the break while Francis and I work out Issue 4.

Iron Violet’s Patreon continues to be going strong. I’ll be posting a more permanent link for it to the right once I finish the custom image link for it. Thank for for everyone who’s suggested ideas to attract more patrons, you guys rock! Go check it out and see if any of the donation incentives tickle your fancy! Such as being drawn into the comic as a recurring background character, something one generous patron has already snagged and will soon find himself in Rogers City next Issue. 😉

Iron Violet’s TV Tropes Page is still in need of a lot of love, especially for issue 2 and 3. Anyone who would like to add tropes to it are very welcomed to do so! 🙂

So yes, tune in this Friday for a very special guest artist cover for the filler comic!