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In case you may not have noticed, the site has gone through quite a few changes.  For those curious here is the full list of updates.

– The About, Meet the Creators, and Characters pages have been fused into one page “About”

– The Characters section under About has been updated with new bios of Issue 2 characters.

-A new page “Store” has been made, where you can purchase Iron Violet t-shirts

– Iron Violet now has a twitter-feed

-The Archives page has been fully updated with links to all Issue 2 pages and current Filler Break content

After the debacle a few months ago when the site went down due to server errors, I realized how important it was I got a twitter account to give out announcements if there’s going to be a delay or something like this (God forbid) happens again.

So be sure to follow my twitter for updates and the like on the comic!