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I know a few readers are wondering how long this filler-break is going to be. The short answer is two and a half more weeks.

I know this seems rather long, given how we’ve already spent three weeks on break. But this is for your benefit as much as ours. Me and Francis are good, but we work slow. So we’re using this break to build up Issue 3’s buffer substantially. Because of this, when Issue 3 starts we can return to two pages a week instead of simply one page a week. That’s a double dose of Iron Violet for you every week!

So here’s the remaining filler-break Schedule


Sooner Times Article- TUE 4/29/14

Filler Comic: Wrong Publicity- TUE 5/6/14

Filler Comic-Yes? No? Maybe? Crowbar?- TUE 5/13/14

Phantom Cross Oneshot Page 1- FRI 5/16/14

Fanart: Disney Girls-TUE 5/19/14

Phantom Cross Oneshot Page 2- FRI 5/23/14

1 Year Anniversary Fanart- SAT 5/24/14

Phantom Cross Oneshot Page 3- TUE 5/27/14

Phantom Cross Oneshot Page 4-FRI 5/30/14

Phantom Cross Oneshot Page 5- TUE  6/3/14

Issue 3 will begin on Friday 6/6/14