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Hey guys. Well, with Issue 3 well along, I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what my plans for Iron Violet are print-wise. I’m thinking once Issue 4 wraps up I’m going to begin working on collecting issues 1-4 for Volume 1 of a graphic novel. Aside from collecting the first four issues it would have a lot of other extras and goodies with it like a never-before-seen bonus issue, some concept art, and other things. I know for sure I’d need to do a kickstarter to make it happen, given printing costs and all that. But  I do wonder if I’ll have the support I’ll need to meet whatever goal it ends up being.

I’ve been seeing a lot more fans commenting on the site lately, which I’m eternally grateful for, (you all know I love to hear what you think of the story and characters!) and if my current position in the 50s spot on Top Webcomics means anything I do have a sizable silent fanbase. (which I’m cool with, I know a lot of people like to just read, not comment). The thing is I don’t want to rush into a kickstarter only to find out I may have tried something this big too early ya know?

So what do you guys think? Would you all be interested in an Iron Violet graphic novel?

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