IV-Blog Page 2014


So here we go! Time to lay out the exact nature of this month’s filler break!

Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania

The main piece for this filler break. Much like the Phantom Cross oneshot it will be a minic0mic showcasing a hero that inhabits another area of Yuri’s world. It will be 10 pages long, updating twice a week Tues and Fri, and the main comic will continue after this one concludes.

Halloween Fashion Show 2014

Every Weds This October there will be a new pinup posted of an Iron Violet gal showing off their Halloween costumes, each one drawn by a different artist! Look at the schedule below for the full details.

Filler BreakĀ ScheduleĀ (Oct)

September 30: Production Art-Mysterious Boy

October 3: Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania-Cover

October 7: Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania-Page 1

October 8: Halloween Fashion Show-Alexia and Holly (By Phantomskyler)

October 10: Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania-Page 2

October 14: Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania-Page 3

October 15: Halloween Fashion Show-Evalyn (by Wandering-Kota)

October 17: Tales of C.A.P.E.: Titania-Page 4

October 21: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 5

October 22: Halloween Fashion Show-Kat (by Da-Jenki)

October 24: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 6

October 28: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 7

October 29: Halloween Fashion Show-Yuri (by GrimPhantom)

October 31: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 8

November 4: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 9

November 7: Tales of C.A.P.E.-Titania-Page 10