IV-Blog Page 2014


Filler Content

So, it seems like these in-between issue breaks seem to keep catching me at the worst possible times. I don’t want this to come off as me spouting excuses, but I did want to explain my situation. I’m a graphic design student, in my Senior year. So a lot of my classes are project-heavy assignments that eat up  a lot of my time. Especially now since I just got done with midterms.  As much as I’d love to focus on improving my illustration skills, I need to focus on my graphic design projects.

There in lies the problem. As I’ve said before, The early parts of making the next Issue of Iron Violet is rather long, due to Francis needed to map out all the pages and thumbnail it all, which takes time. Francis is a really talented artist, but not one built for speed. Quality over speed ya know? Not wanting everyone to lose interest in the book due to a painfully long break between issues, I wanted to do these filler comics to keep people regularly coming to the site while we iron out the next issue’s problems. But, between my amateurish drawing skills and my lack to seriously improve due to my graphic design work, the filler comics come out rather…bad.

If I could I would love to have someone else draw these filler comics, but sadly I just don’t have the money to hire two artists.

So, with that, and I know not everyone’s very keen on these filler comics (for art, story, or otherwise), So I want to ask you, my readership, what you would want for filler content in the future after Issue 4. This feedback is very important to me, as I do really care about what you guys would like to see as the story continues into the later months.

I know some of you would like a continuation of the filler comic series, but I simply don’t have the time or skill to properly implement it unless I could afford another artist. That being said…


So, first off, again a big thank you to the current Patreon donators! You guys rock!

So I want to ask if there’s anywhere I can improve in the Patreon, like in the sense of donation incentives. What would you guys find more appealing compared to what I have posted at the moment? I’m open to all ideas, except for early previews of the main comic pages. This is because I simply cannot, in good conscience, promise that, when I’ve had issues of pages being down to the last minute or delays in getting pages from Francis due to issues going on in either one or both of our lives.

Aside from that, what would you guys like, or feel would be more appealing donation rewards? Just comment down below if you feel inclined. I’d really love your feedback and advice.

Again, a big thank you to everyone whose supporting Iron Violet up until now, by commenting, donating, and just giving me feedback on how good I’m doing and where I can improve! You all keep rocking! 🙂