IV-Blog Page 2014

The sad thing about being a webcomic artist who has to rely on someone else to do the artist is when something happens in the artist’s life. If you have not already heard my longtime artist from Issues 2 to the first half of issue 4 Francis Lim was forced to leave due to the demands of his current job. This also happened with issue 1 artist Kayleigh Lebak. I know most of this was out of my control, but I know the decision to ultimately leave was because of how much I was paying them compared to the amount of work and time that were going into pages, did not compete with their other projects in-between these new jobs.

Now as I work with my new artist L’Vaughn Mason, I realize just how little $30 per page is, particularly with L’Vaughn’s level of skill. I realize if I want to hold onto artists as skilled as Francis or L’Vaughn, I need to begin paying more for their services, so in the event of real life **** going down, The amount of payment for working on Iron Violet would make sticking with it much more lucrative, or in the absolute event of needing to find a new artist I’d be able to immediately find someone on L’aughn’s skill level. While he is okay with the current $30 per page, I know deep down that I am paying him rather low for his incredible skill (which I hope with garner more readership).
For that, I need your help.

I’m not gonna mince words or deflect from the obvious; I went into this Patreon gunfight with a half-loaded revolver. I stumbled over myself trying to come up with rewards on the fly without putting much thought into it (the complete wash that were the buttons can attest to that). And I kept putting off making the “thank you” page, which I do apologize for. Now that school’s out of the way and a degree under my belt I’m currently working on the proper “thank you” page.

To all my current patrons, again thank you for helping me with keeping this series up and running and with fantastic art. To everyone, I am once again updating the reward sections. While I can’t offer anything physical, I do have some ideas My goal is to be making enough so that I can afford to slowly increase my artist’s per page payment to $40, $50, and eventually $60, so that I can begin properly paying him for his level of skill.

$1 Donation – Like before it’ll get you on the (eventual) thank you page, this applies to all donation tiers. (unless you wish to remain anonymous) You’ll also be part of the “special thanks” section of the eventual collected volumes.

$5 Donation – You will be able to suggest “vote incentive” art pieces for the TWC page, and every month I will pick two suggestions for you to vote which incentive is made for that month! (Note must involve characters within Iron Violet and cannot be pornographic in nature).

$10 Donation – You will be able to suggest filler fanart for the in-between moments between the production of future issues (Note must involve characters within Iron Violet and cannot be pornographic in nature).

$15 Donation – You will be able to have an original character of your own creation cameo in every other issue of Iron Violet (when possible). Note that the OC must be your own character and not someone else’s (unless I’ve received the ok from the original creator), these cameos will be credit-less (unless pointed out in the author’s page on the site or in the extras section of the eventual collected print volumes) and your OC’s rolls will be as background characters. Also if your OC is a superhero do understand due to the nature of Iron Violet’s premise (an area with few heroes) your OC’s cameos would be regulated to things like on a tv or a poster.

$20 Donation – Would remain the same, where you yourself get drawn in as a cameo for every other issue of Iron Violet (when possible).

I thank you everyone for your time, and I hope you can help me keep Iron Violet going strong with skilled artwork and help me be able to pay my artist’s a fair wage for their hard work. I have updated the Patreon as of this post so check them out!