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Iron Violet: The Shy Titan is a webcomic created by Skyler Ammons. It follows the adventures of a shy introvert named Yuri who develops superpowers. When her home state Oklahoma sees a sudden surge in supervillain crime (due to the utter lack of superheroes in the area) Yuri ends up becoming Roger City’s  reluctant savior, fighting evil, discovering the origin of her powers, and coming to terms with the events that have left her so insecure  and afraid for most of her life. The comic updates once a week on Tuesdays at midnight EST.

Origins: The comic came into existence in a conversation. I had said “Man, I’ve kind of noticed that Oklahoma has no superheroes in any comic books.” From there it spawned into a wish to create a comic that combines my love of both superheroes and the style of manga.


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Skyler Ammons: Creator, Writer

Hailing from the forgotten land of Oil and Buffaloes (also known as Oklahoma), Skyler Ammons is an avid comic book and manga fan. Currently a Junior at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, this charming and eccentric Okie is working towards Graphic Design degree (with a minor in Fanserviceology). He strives to become a professional comic book creator, as a writer, artist, and colorist.

Skyler’s major writing influences are Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Ken Akamatsu, Stan Lee, Robert Kirkman, Kevin Eastman, and Adam Warren. His major artistic influences are Marcus To, Greg Capullo, Ben Bates, Ken Akamatsu (again), and Cory Walker.


L’Vaughn Mason (Issue 4-Present)


L’Vaughn Mason is a talented Western Mangaka artist with an eye for style and speed. Originally an artist of a realistic comic book style, a chance meeting with Jim Lee, he eventually retooled it to his iconic manga style you see now. He is greatly influenced by multiple sources and artists, such as but not limited to: comics, anime, magic cards and children’s books. He does frequent art streams on Twitch and is always willing to give artistic advice.

L’Vaughn’s Deviant Art Page

L’Vaughn’s Twitch Stream

L’Vaughn’s Personal webmanga “Treasure Chess”


Francis Lim- Artist (Issue 2-4)

Francis Julian Lim is a comic artist living in the Philippines. He is a college graduate with a BA Fine Arts Major in Advertising arts, he has worked as a penciller and inker for MAS Media Studios; Russ 5377, an inker and flatter for several comicbook oneshots by TM Comics, and co-owner of CAT Animation Studios based in the Philippines. His major influences are Dragon Ball, the Street Fighter artworks of Akiman, and Takehiko Inoue. His current goals are to improve his artwork and to never lose interest in the greatness of so many artists who can inspire him to reach their standards and improve on them more.


Wandering Kota- Artist (Issue 1)

Wandering Kota is an illustrator/designer based out of anywhere with a wifi connection. She takes an odd pride in never staying in one place long enough to renew her driver’s license and does a remorselessly silly dance for every new stamp in her passport. Yes, even in the middle of the airport. She loves bright colors, stupid bi-lingual puns, pin-ups, and cute animals. She takes her inspiration from vintage illustration, video games, and comic books (manga included.)

Wandering Kota blogs about art and occasional bouts of unrepententant geekery on her site. You can follow her on Facebook as well.


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Main Characters

Yuri Hasagashi/Iron Violet


Age: 19
Occupation: Student, Superhero
Powers/Abilities: Vast superhuman strength, near invulnerability, enhanced agility, flight
Likes: Turtles, brownies, anything chocolate, magical girl anime
Dislikes: Pervy people, being put on the spotlight, the word ‘useless’
Bio: A shy and demure young woman living in Oklahoma. She was originally born and raised in Los Angeles, but moved with her mother to Rogers City when she was in 8th Grade. Yuri had suffered a lot of trauma back in Los Angeles, and it has left her very weak willed and unsure of herself. Even after developing superpowers she is still psychologically fragile. With help from her friend Kat, and through her adventures as Iron Violet, Yuri hopes she can finally overcome her past trauma and become someone stronger.

Catherine “Kat” O’Carper
Age: 19
Occupation: College student
Abilities: experienced kick boxer and karate practitioner.
Likes: Baring her midriff, strawberry ice cream, DC Comics characters (Powergirl in particular)
Dislikes: jerks, people who bully Yuri, DC Comics editors
Bio: Yuri’s best friend since freshman year of high school. Kat is tough, and a fearsome brawler when someone has earned her ire, but she has a very soft side for others, and is very confident about her body and sexuality She is deeply protective of Yuri, always there to help out her emotionally fragile friend. She seems very privy to superhero tropes and stereotypes.

Supporting Characters

Larry Langston
Age: 47
Occupation: Griller, restaurant owner
Likes: Yuri’s mom, making Yuri smile, cooking
Dislikes: vegans, people who insult/speak ill about superheroes
Bio: Mild mannered grill master, Larry Langston is the owner of the popular local eatery known as Mystery Burger, a superhero themed burger joint. He is a close family friend of the Hasagashis’, and has been a father figure to the fragile Yuri. He is always there if Yuri needs to talk to someone, and is always giving sagely advice. He seems to have lived an exciting life, having met many heroes in his lifetime and has many photos and memorabilia of heroes in his restaurant. He’s currently in a relationship with Yuri’s mom.

Holly Braddock
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student/Semi-professional rodeo contestant
Likes: horses, rodeos, cowgirl boots
Dislikes: people who hurt horses, people who think she’s stupid
Bio: A new friend of Yuri’s since starting college. Holly is a rancher’s daughter, having grown up around animals and cowboy culture has left her a very tough and lively girl. Despite her tomboyish nature she has a very girly side. She and Yuri hang out a lot, though Yuri can get bothered by how nosy she is about her romantic life (or lack thereof).

Daniel Hunter
Age: 20
Occupation: College student
Likes: writing, leisurely walks, comic books
Dislikes: getting into awkward situations
Bio: A young man who goes to Puckett University. He met Yuri in a very awkward situation in the campus laundry room. Both have shown interest in each other, though they are both shy and bashful about it. He is a creative writing major.


Malcolm Broxton/Rock Hard
Age: 29
Occupation: hired goon, superpowered criminal
Powers: enhanced strength, durability, can generate earth and rocks around him and reinforce it to create armor.
Likes: Money, the ladies, respect
Dislikes: People making fun of his name
Bio: A C-list super-goon who used to work the supervillain bodyguard and hired muscle market in New York with his friend Cyber Commando. The two decided to move down to Oklahoma, hearing about the lack of superheroes in the state compared to the hero-capital that was New York City. He is very cocky and full of himself, and is adamant that his code name isn’t stupid.

Richard Greaves/Cyber Commando
Age: 30
Occupation: Hired goon, tech criminal
Abilities: Basic combat training, has a protective armor that houses many different weapons within it.
Likes: When things go his way
Dislikes: When things don’t go his way, his friend’s embarrassing codename
Bio: A C-list super-goon who used to work the supervillain bodyguard and hired muscle market in New York with his friend Rock Hard. The two decided to move down to Oklahoma, hearing about the lack of superheroes in the state compared to the hero-capital that was New York City. He’s the more serious of the two, and tends to come up with the plans. He is ridiculously superstitious, and a firm believer in luck, something he and Rock have very little of most days.

Dr. Adam Zeronius/Dr. Zero

profile-Dr Zero
Age: 29
Occupation: robotics genius, mad scientist
Abilities: extremely high IQ and skilled scientist and engineer in the field of robotics, weaponry, and machinery.
Likes: making machines, his robots, rock and roll
Dislikes: Fowlertech (and its owner), being called a mad scientist, D.E.V.A.’s smartass comments.
Bio: A brilliant up and coming scientist in the field of robotics, he and his older brother Victor were employed by Fowlertech as part of their commercial combat drone projects. He was presumed dead in a lab explosion that took Victor and his wife and child. He survived, but needed to replace parts of his body with cybernetic prosthetics. He is adamant that Garret Fowler is behind the explosion, and is out for revenge. He can be melodramatic and also irritable, but he has a gentle loving side he shows to Zero-Girl and his robots.

Evalyn Zeronius/Zero-Girl
Age: 19 (?)
Occupation: agent of Dr. Zero
Powers/Abilities: superhuman speed, enhanced strength, reinforced diranium armor
Likes: Magical Princess Knight Celtia franchise, video-games, fellow Celtia fans
Dislikes: Fowlertech, being called a robot
Bio: A mysterious android that was one of Adam and Victor Zeronious’ projects at Fowlertech. She is considered to be Adam’s “Niece.” She serves as his main agent in his schemes against Fowlertech. Despite coming off as an emotionless robot, Zero-Girl is capable of having feelings and making her own choices. She is just physically incapable of expressing them. She is friends with Yuri in their civilian guises, but are fierce rivals as Iron Violet and Zero-Girl.

“The Professor”
Age: (?)
Occupation: Professor(?)
Likes: Vera Lynn songs, reading
Dislikes: the ignorance of humanity
Bio: A mysterious figure shrouded in mystery. He seemingly knows of Yuri’s powers and has deduced her identity as Iron Violet. His intentions for Yuri are unknown.