Okay, so some stupid update on WordPress effed up my sidebar, sooo I’m going to have to relink everything, sorry about that. -_-….Until, then, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS! X3


So a loooooong time ago I experimented with Iron Violet buttons for a class, now I’m serious in re-making them! Once I’m done printing and pressing them they’ll be available to those who donate to Iron Violet’s Patron page!

I’ll be updating the Patron Rewards page as soon as I have the buttons done and ready for a nice photo, but I thought I’d show you the designs first, and explain how it will go down. 😉

Right now I have six buttons available, all of them of the 1-inch size: Iron Violet, Iron Violet (Yuri variant), Kat, Holly, Evalyn, and Scissortail.

Donating $1 will get you your choice of ONE of these cute buttons!

Donating $2 gets you your choice of TWO buttons!

Donating $3 gets you your choice of THREE buttons!

Donating $4 gets you your choice of FOUR buttons!

Donating $5 gets you your choice of FIVE buttons!

And finally if you donate $6 you get the whole set! Plus the whole set  will also be available to you on any of the higher-tier donations along with their respective rewards.

Now, as a special deal, and to show how much I appreciate those who’ve supported me since I started this Patron, everyone who’s donated before these buttons were announced will get the full set regardless of what level of donation they placed! 😀 I’ll be contacting you via Patron about the details.

Much like the other rewards the reward is optional (but I don’t see why you wouldn’t want these little cuties 😉 ) but unlike the others, this reward will require a mailing address if you want these buttons.

What do you guys think? 🙂 I’m hoping to get enough buttons done to officially start this off next week, and I’ll keep ya posted on the developments!