So, this is not how I saw this going down.

First off, I want to apologize for crapping out like this on the last part of this filler. As I’ve stated before in a blot post, I’m in my senior year of my graphic design degree, and I SEVERELY underestimated how big and how time-consuming my projects were going to end up being. This ended up being a problem of having three different long-term graphic design projects that fell around the same due dates, and I needed to put something away to work on them, which ended up being this filler comic. These past two weeks have been unbearably stressful with me working non-stop on these projects, plus coloring Issue 4’s buffer pages, along with my coloring work on the webcomic How to Raise your Teenage Dragon and I’m pretty much at my wits end.

I really wanted to finish strong with this, but I just did.not.have.the.time. Every waking moment was either prep work for Issue 4, or these damn graphic design projects. They wouldn’t have been so bad, had the most demanding of my projects didn’t decide to be a pain in the ass. It’s a book-making project, creating a 100+ page book with written and visual content. The problem is that my sadist of a teacher demanded GRADED check-ins every class, we needed a certain number of pages finished to be seen for that class, or it would go against our final grade, and he kept piling more and more required page numbers with every class. This book project is where most of my time has been.

I’m sorry for the rant. I don’t want this to be a “woe is me” excuse for crapping out on Titania, but I did want to explain myself over having to rely on this to finish it. I’m mentally exhausted at this point, and with Issue 4 beginning Friday I just wondered what was the point.

My problems won’t affect Iron Violet, it WILL be premiering this Friday and continue next week, so don’t worry about that. With this out of the way, I’m gonna try to get a decent night’s sleep and finish up what’s left of these projects. Thanks for understanding guys.